Training of Linux Complete for Dhuafa

There's something special event at LP3T Nurul Fikri (NF Computer) Padang, it's Training of Linux Complete for Dhuafa, which was held in cooperation between NF Computer Padang with Dompet Dhuafa Singgalang (DDS). This event was held as a form of concern over the problem of unemployment in the city of Padang. Expected after following a series of training, participants can implement the results in everyday life, whether for work or entrepreneurship.

conducted for eight days starting from August 10 until August 20, 2011 at the Home of Linux, NF Computer Padang, Jalan Hamka No. 11 (opposite Basko Grand Mall). NF Computer Trainer who will provide training material is Yaddi Surahman ie, a teacher NF Computer Padang and Linux activists who joined also in a community named KPLI Padang.

Branch Head Manager of DDS Musfi Yendra said, "Banyak orang besar justru berangkat dari kekurangan atau keterbatasan.” (Many great men actually depart from the lack or limitation).

source image : Harian Singgalang August 11st, 2011

While the Branch Head Manager of NF Computer Padang Budi Sunaryo said, "Linux and FOSS has been used since and has many distributions of Linux are evolving today, but it can and understand Linux just a little, especially in Padang, the lucky participant who learned this time, because Linux is good market demand in the world of work, both in private and in government, these rights related to Linux migration program launched by the Government of Indonesia at the this time in 2011."

This program is one of the eight themes of the programs '1000 Berkah Ramadhan' which launched by DDS two weeks ago. "With the skill of capital skills, hopefully the participants will finding jobs, even get on my feet to open up new jobs.", said Karsini (Head of Program DDS).

One of the participants, Doni (19), a student from Muara Labuh UNP was deeply fortunate to get computer training opportunities, especially material about Linux. "Linux is now being aggressively promoted by the government. In addition to legal software, Linux also not pirated.", he concluded.


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