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Solving app is not indexable by google search consider adding at least one activity with an action-view

I am getting following tool tip inAndroidManifest.xml App is not indexable by Google Search; consider adding at least one Activity with an ACTION-VIEW intent-filler. See issue explanation for more details. Adds deep links to get your app into the Google index, to get installs and traffic to your app from Google Search. To solving this problem, I just add this intent-filter at AndroidManifest.xml:
<action android:name="android.intent.action.VIEW" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.BROWSABLE" />
<data android:scheme="http"
android:pathPrefix="/pesisiran"  />



Solving No IDEA annotations attached to the JDK 1.8

Solving No IDEA annotations attached to the JDK 1.8 (C:\…), some issues will not be found at Android Studio. Just a litte solution and this is work for me.

First, quit Android studio.

Then, go to C:\Users\UserName\.android rename the build-cache folder to build-cache.bak Then, go to C:\Users\UserName\.AndroidStudio3.2\system replace the name of these folders caches to caches.bak compiler to compiler.bak compile-server to compile-server.bak conversion toconversion.bak external_build_system to

How to Resolved "Failed to find style 'coordinatorLayoutStyle' in current theme"

How to Resolved "Failed to find style 'coordinatorLayoutStyle' in current theme" when you using the latest version of android studio (3.0), along with latest build tools (27) and similar API level.

The layout does not get rendered in the design tab and it's causing a lot of trouble especially that when I'm using coordinator layout.

How do I get around this problem?

To resolved this, I solved this rendering problem by simply inserting this line into the application theme, at style.xml.

<stylename="AppTheme.NoActionBar"><item name="coordinatorLayoutStyle">@style/Widget.Design.CoordinatorLayout</item></style>