Password is Inherited

For internetholic, which has so many accounts at several web, certainly has a lot of different of passwords. And in a certain period of time, surely we should change the password for the security of our data. Have you ever thought of you, if the "contract period" of your life have been exhausted? Heheheee .. Password is inherited !

So many applications that can help us to save passwords. but the important thing is that you have inherited the password to someone you trust; such as the wife, child, or your family :)

It can be concluded that in order to maintain data security through our password is as follows:

  1. Documentation of your passwords safely.
  2. Passed on the password to the person who you believe (Password is Inherited).
Do not ever underestimate this case, the password is the most important key to the lives of those around you, especially if the password is the password of your clients ;)


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