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Training of Linux Complete for Dhuafa

There's something special event at LP3T Nurul Fikri (NF Computer) Padang, it's Training of Linux Complete for Dhuafa, which was held in cooperation between NF Computer Padang with Dompet Dhuafa Singgalang (DDS). This event was held as a form of concern over the problem of unemployment in the city of Padang. Expected after following a series of training, participants can implement the results in everyday life, whether for work or entrepreneurship. Training conducted for eight days starting from August 10 until August 20, 2011 at the Home of Linux, NF Computer Padang, Jalan Hamka No. 11 (opposite Basko Grand Mall) . NF Computer Trainer who will provide training material is Yaddi Surahman ie , a teacher NF Computer Padang and Linux activists who joined also in a community named KPLI Padang . Branch Head Manager of DDS Musfi Yendra said, "Banyak orang besar justru berangkat dari kekurangan atau keterbatasan.” ( Many great men actually dep

easy way to install driver canon pixma mx328 on ubuntu 11.04

Also a little hesitant when I want to buy a printer Canon MX328, because as we all know that Canon is usually only include a driver CD for Windows and Mac operating systems (CMIIW), whereas I am used to using Ubuntu 11.04 compared to Windows 7. I think it's no big deal, because there is now a PPA that provides a variety of printers made ​​by Canon driver, so the Ubuntu users can easily install the drivers just by typing a few command line in Terminal To add a PPA that I mean, please type the following command in Terminal: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:michael-gruz/canon sudo apt-get update Then to install the Canon Pixma MX328 driver, we select the driver Canon Pixma MX320. Here's the command in a terminal: sudo apt-get install cnijfilter-mx320series finished already, just only three commands, you just try it ;)

How to Restore GRUB2 in Ubuntu 11.04

Losing GRUB2 happen again this time, this happens because I have updated the originally installed Windows 7 on my netbook. Like it or not, I can't use Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal or BackTrack 5 Revolution, the Operating System only can access directly into Windows 7. For this time, I posted how to restoring GRUB2 on Ubuntu 11.04. A simple step that is as follows : 1. Boot to Netbook with LiveUSB Ubuntu 11.04 2. Select " Try Ubuntu without Installing " 3. if already in ubuntu desktop, open terminal with keyboard key combination CTRL + ALT + T 4. Type sudo fdisk -l This command serves to find the location of your linux root. In my case, I found in sda9 5. Then type sudo mount /dev/sda9 /mnt 6. Then type sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda 7. And then, update GRUB with the command sudo update-grub 8. The last, reboot Netbook with the command sudo reboot from your terminal. Don't forget to change the setting boot loader from USB to hard dr

Membuat Base Station GSM Open Source - SpeedyWiki

Sabtu 7 Mei 2011 kemarin bertempat di STMIK Tasikmalaya, Kang Onno W Purbo memberikan materi seminar bagaimana membuat operator seluler sendiri dengan biaya yang jauh lebih murah dibandingkan dengan BTS yang digunakan oleh operator seluler eksisting saat ini yang mencapai milyaran rupiah. Kang Onno mengilustrasikan apabila mahasiswa/i 1 kampus yang biasa mengisi pulsa 25-50 ribu bisa membeli peralatan openBTS tersebut 4 buah setiap bulannya. Berikut cuplikan video bagaimana cara membuat Base Station GSM dengan menggunakan Linux sebagai sistem operasinya :) Membuat Base Station GSM Open Source - SpeedyWiki