AMiGOS, Anak Minang Go Open Source !

There is something special event from open source communities at Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia; where all of community from West Sumatera have been gathering with one vision and one mission. It happens on September 16th, 2012, at Royal Steak Cafe, KIS Mangunsarkoro Street (A11), Padang. This event called “Gathering & Halal bi Halal Komunitas Open Source Sumatera Barat”.

This gathering was attended by fedora-id (Fedora Indonesia Regional Sumatera Barat), KPLI (Kelompok Pengguna Linux Indonesia) Padang, ARM (Android RanahMinang), Android Padang, IBT-S (Indonesian Backtrack – Sumbar), ELCO UNP (Electronic Linux Community Universitas Negeri Padang), and SLiMS Sumbar. As the host of this event is Android Ranah Minang (ARM). This event was created by them as a follow up from FedoraActivity Day (FAD) Padang 2012 on August 11st. 2012, at Graha Telkom Sumbar. In one session of FAD, ARM and the others communities are invited to speech or share about their experiences, especially about open source. For fedora-id is represented by me.

Gathering & Halal bi Halal Komunitas Open Source Sumatera Barat” was attended by 20 people. Events filled with introductions from every community in the Sumatera Barat, starting from ARM, Android Padang, IBT-S, fedora-id, KPLI Padang, ELCO UNP, and SliMS Sumbar. Then filled with the introduction of Android by ARM. This event takes place from 14:00 pm to 18:00 pm. 

The last session from this event is discussion. Because every community has the same vision and mission, then formulated some of which are as follows :

  1. Creating a container or communication forum called AMiGOS (Anak Minang Go Open Source). The name of this forum is still tentative.
  2. Creating a new facebook group to facilitate the dissemination of information from each others (
  3. Planning to create a calender of activities to facilitate the implementation of community together.
  4. Planning to make joint application.

Hopefully, AMiGOS will be able to change the paradigm of the young West of Sumatra in studying and developing open source applications.


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